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Picking Music For Your Wedding

Picking Music For Your Wedding

Music can set the style and tone of your wedding day. It can also say a lot about the couple and or their guests attending the wedding. Start early; there is a lot of time you will need to fill with music and so many different music varieties to choose from. Consider your venue, guest number, the style of your wedding and of course, the type of music you and your significant other enjoy!

You will want to start with your music collection, and ask for suggestions from your DJ and wedding attendants, but don't be afraid to say no when there is a song, or genre is just not your cup of tea.

When planning your music selection there are parts of the Ceremony and Reception that you must consider. For the Ceremony you will need song choices for the:

  1. Prelude Song- This is the songs that will play while your guests get seated. Typically this last 20-30 minutes. Possible choices can be modern songs done as instrumentals.
  2. Wedding Party Processional – This is the music that will play as your wedding party walks down the aisle. Remember you want something that is walkable and not too fast or slow.
  3. Bride’s Processional – This is the more dramatic song, the one your guests will stand to watch you walk down the aisle. You can go the traditional route (wedding march) the more royal route (trumpet voluntary) or the Disney route (when you wish upon a star).
  4. Interlude song- This is the song that comes during down time during the ceremony, like when the parents come up to light the unity candle, or communion time. This is an ultra-emotional time, time for full on romance.
  5. Recessional – You are married and leaving the service. This a very happy time and your music should show that feeling. Look for music with that upbeat feeling.
  6. Postlude – Guests are slowing leaving the ceremony and you want them to get where they need to be in a timely manner.
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Now is the party time. Remember to mix up the music up. Remember to add in some slow dance songs with your party dance music. Some highlights to remember when picking music for the reception are:

  1. Introduction of bridal partly – No pressure. Your wedding doesn’t have to be the next viral video. Pick up beat music.
  2. Cake cutting – Bouquet toss – Garter toss – In less you have something specific in mind let your DJ help you with these. They are professionals that typically have wonderful choices for just such these formalities.

The most important thing to remember when choosing music for your wedding…..NOBODY CARES ABOUT THE PLAYLIST AS MUCH AS YOU DO!

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