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Membership With BWA

The Brevard Wedding Association was created in 1986 to enhance and promote the bridal industry by educating the bridal consumer to understand there is no substitute for experience, reliability and professionalism. The BWA is committed to creating, fostering, promoting, and maintaining cordial and ethical relationships among its members and within the community it serves. We strive to advance the bridal industry in all its branches as a self-regulated group extending membership only to vendors of utmost integrity and quality who adhere to high standards. This guarantees a dependable, professional organization in which the bridal consumer can have the utmost confidence.

Becoming a member with BWA connects you with endless potential in securing clients through our listing and bridal shows. In being a part of our association, you’re recognized as a valued and reputable vendor.

How To Become A Member

  • Brevard County Business Tax Receipt dating back 24 consecutive months under the same DBA.
  • Business must be located in Brevard County, FL
  • Fill out an application form with $25 non-refundable application fee
  • Be sponsored by an existing member
  • Attend a general meeting of the association to be introduced to all members present
  • Be voted in by the board and majority vote of members

Advantages Of Being A Member

  • Access to 2 wedding expos a year
  • Detailed contact list from registered attendees
  • Networking and support from other vendors
  • Educational Seminars
  • Increased traffic from website directory
  • Self-Regulated Association

bride in a white dress looking out a window

bride in a white dress looking out a window