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Acevedo Photography

Acevedo Photography

Hi, my name is Iris. For as long as I can remember I have had a camera in my hands, even if it was a disposable one….LOL! On my 14th birthday my parents gave me a 35mm camera and that is when I was hooked! I actually still own that camera and every camera since then. I just can’t let go of the cameras because of all the wonderful memories each has brought me. I feel so blessed to have the best family and the greatest friends.

Hi, I’m Richie. My journey as a photographer started so different from my wife’s. I started by helping my wife carry all of her photography equipment on photo shoots when I wasn’t working in the fire department. While helping her out, I became interested in photography, so I asked her to teach me. My wife began training me before, during and after our photo sessions. I became fascinated with photography and how you can capture a precious moment of time with a camera. Ever since then, I began my journey on perfecting that precious moment.

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